Why Hire Me?

I work with small and medium-sized businesses, design teams and agencies, building fast, responsive and usable website front-ends, highly scalable back-ends and mobile apps, with strong focus on responsive design, readable – well documented code and performance.

If you’re a company or a design agency looking for someone to implement your designs in a responsive, performant manner, and think you can benefit from my skill set, then I’m happy to hear from you.

What you can expect from me?

  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls, sms, instant messages and emails.
  • Structured, clean, tested and well documented code.
  • Use of agile methodologies and test-driven development.
  • A lot of experience in the field of research.

My Services & Skills

As a Developer with almost 12 years of experience, I can offer a wide range of services and coding experience.

I primarily work with the Spring, Laravel, Flask, Angular 9, React, Foundation and Bootstrap 4 frameworks for full-stack web development, and hold a high standard of quality in everything that I do. I believe agile methodologies and test-driven development lead to better applications. I love learning new things and pride myself on being a fast learner.

Back-End Development

  • Java and Spring framework
  • PHP and Laravel
  • Python and Flask
  • Clojure and Luminus
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • API design, OpenApi/Swagger

Front-End Development

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, ClojureScript
  • Angular 9, React & React Native, jQuery
  • HTML5, CSS and SASS, Bootstrap 4, Bulma, Material
  • PSD to HTML/CSS conversion

I believe that we can create a better world with blockchain and tokenization. Therefore, it is only consequent to also focus on the development of smart contracts on the blockchain.

From Consulting to Training, from Plugin Development to Theme Development. I WordPress and I want to share my experience with you.


I have more than 6 years of experience in WordPress Development and Customization and I have done a lot of WordPress projects. I can develop any type of website like E-commerce, blogs, business, or for any niches.

Why me?

If you are looking for a professional, optimized, attractive and responsive WordPress website or blog then you don’t have to go anywhere.

What I offer

  • Installation & Setup
  • Migration, Move WordPress to another Server/Domain/Subdomain
  • Fixing problems with Plugins/Themes
  • Live Training (Teamviewer, Google Hangouts, Skype, Screenhero)
  • Plugin Development
  • Gutenberg Blocks Development
  • Content Writing and Management
  • Drupal Migration

Over the past years, I’ve designed and developed software and platforms serve as long-term data preservation system and built on highly scalable microservices. Developed with different programming languages and integrated into Eureka, which are running on Docker.

I love to evaluate techniques, write concepts, designing software and create it together with others.

If you are interested, I would be very pleased if you contact me.

Even if there is no need at the moment, you are still very welcome to reach out to me.

This sounds interesting to you?